Not saying this year is cursed, but…

…it wouldn’t surprise me if it were.

Setting aside all of the mental health related stuff going on, I had to call in sick to work today.  I woke up on Wednesday morning with my stomach doing cartwheels and it hasn’t gotten any better.  At times, it feels like I’m having menstrual cramps but that’s not what’s causing the cramps.  And I’m exhausted.  I got through yesterday and Wednesday but today just wasn’t going to happen.

It’s probably just a normal case of gastroenteritis that will go away on its own but since this is still 2016, aka the absolute worst year of my life, I would not be in any way surprised if it turned out to be something that’s endemic in an underdeveloped country but that’s rare in the US.  That’s just how the whole year has been.

I’m not superstitious.  I don’t believe in the “Law of Attraction” nonsense.  And I have to make an effort to keep my mouth shut at work when people talk about things related to “complementary and alternative medicine” and “spiritual healing.”  We have a health fair every year and flu shots are always offered that day and EVERY SINGLE YEAR I bite my tongue when the inevitable “vaccines are bad, m’kay?” garbage starts getting thrown around.  There’s not a damn thing I could say that would change anyone’s mind about their pseudoscientific bullshit beliefs and it would be bad for me to argue with people at work.  I know that.  But I also hate that there is so much ignorance and misinformation in the world and it causes very real harm sometimes.  So do I keep the peace by keeping my mouth shut or do the “right thing” and stand up for logic and science?  It seriously gets to me sometimes.  Yes, I AM a pedantic pain in the ass, thank you for noticing.

I mention all of that because even though I’m not superstitious, I have heard that however you ring in the New Year kind of sets the tone for how the rest of the year plays out and I spent New Year’s Eve crying and miserable.  Considering how the year has gone, it almost seems like 2016 looked at me and my lack of superstition and said, “Challenge accepted!  Your year will SUCK SO HARD!  You WILL believe in irrational garbage when I’m through with you!”

I went out to dinner with my parents on Tuesday night and I kind of want to see if there have been cases of E. coli, salmonella, or something in this area that can be traced to the restaurant we went to because that just seems to fit with this year.  If I look ONLY at the physical illnesses I’ve had this year, it’s still been a spectacularly shitty year.  Somehow I wound up with cellulitis and I looked like one of the Uruk-Hai; I had a particularly painful bilateral ear infection; for the first time in YEARS I had a UTI; and I narrowly escaped surgery for hemorrhoids.  Now this.  Sure, it could be a completely normal case of gastroenteritis but it could be cholera and I would not be shocked AT ALL.

I think I may have linked to John Oliver’s latest episode (and the last for this season) in a previous post, but some kind soul edited it down to the last few minutes and posted it on YouTube.  2016 has been bad for a lot of people.  But John Oliver is awesome and he made it just a tiny bit better with this.  (Definitely NSFW if your employers and/or coworkers frown upon the word “fuck.”)

I’m resting and drinking plenty of fluids and all that stuff.  I had hoped to go see “Doctor Strange” and/or “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” with my son this weekend but I doubt that will happen now.  I’ll just to have to see how the weekend goes, I guess.


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