“Escape Rooms?!?!”

I read the website, Cracked.com, pretty much daily.  It’s funny and interesting and several of the writers have gone on to write books that I’ve also found entertaining.  A while back, they started publishing “Personal Experience” articles.  Sometimes, these are downright depressing and horrifying, sometimes they’re just interesting, and sometimes they’re amusing.  Some of them display better journalism than “normal” news sites, to be honest.  Cracked is a COMEDY website, so you probably wouldn’t expect well-reported articles on ISIS, sexual assault, and undercover cops, but they’re really well done.

The one they posted today was this: “What Running An Escape Room Taught Me About People.”  I had never heard of “Escape Rooms.”


Those things sound AWESOME!  As soon as I was done reading the article, I went to check if there are any in my area.  I was not expecting something this cool-sounding to be anywhere near this piece of shit town but to my utter shock we have at least TWO!  You can decide to solve how to get out of King Tut’s tomb, a prison, or to solve a crime scene at one of those locations and at the other they have a few different scenarios.

“Escape Modesto”

“Key Quest Escape Room”

Yes, totally geeking out about these things.  I’m one of those people that reads memoirs written by medical examiners, forensic anthropologists, and FBI profilers for fun.  I think I read my first “true crime” book at age 13 or 14.  The idea of being “locked” in a room and needing to look for clues to solve the puzzle, to me, is the BEST THING EVER.  I couldn’t believe that we actually had them here, too.

I need to get in on this.