SLIGHTLY off-topic…

I usually blog about mental illness and how it related to me basically destroying my life and possibly the lives of others.  This post has nothing to do with any of that.

Fair warning: This is a political post.  If you’d rather not read anything about politics, you should probably read something else.  I’m sure I’ll piss people off with this but it is MY blog and if someone chooses to read it and gets pissed off by what I’ve written, that’s on them.

I have never liked Donald Trump.  Ever.  I grew up in Ocean City, New Jersey, which is just about 19 miles from Atlantic City.  That meant I grew up knowing the names of two men that I didn’t really care about (because what kid gives a shit about real estate/casino developers?): Steve Wynn and Donald Trump.  Like many people in that particular area, my parents and my maternal grandmother went to Atlantic City to gamble fairly often and my aunt eventually wound up working at one of the casinos.  Suffice it to say that public opinion of Donald Trump in that area wasn’t exactly favorable.  At that age, all I knew was that my parents weren’t at home with us because they liked casinos.  Trump built casinos.  Therefore, I didn’t like Trump because he was building more of those things that kept my parents from being at home all the time.  They did take me and my siblings to Atlantic City sometimes for shows and to do things on the boardwalk and some of those experiences were really great.  I still didn’t like casinos though.  I still don’t but now I have a whole host of other reasons for not liking them that weren’t applicable when I was a kid.

After we moved to California, my family and I were just like everyone else in the world as far as our exposure to Trump went.  What with his businesses going under, his cheating on wives and divorcing them, and just generally being weird looking and smarmy as all get out, I just couldn’t stand him.  He was still just this famous rich guy that didn’t really impact me or anyone I cared about until he started making noise about running for President and talking about how Obama wasn’t born in the United States.

(For the record, I don’t care if anyone hates Obama, or any other person, but I DO care if they hate someone based on bullshit.  Honestly, I just can’t stand bullshit in general.  Pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, unsubstantiated rumors, and stuff like that is what I classify as bullshit.  Hate someone all you want but at least hate them for stuff they’ve actually done/said or actually are.  And the whole “Obama was born in Kenya” bit is bullshit.)

At that point, I saw him as a buffoon that was desperately trying to remain relevant to boost ratings for his “reality” show but the fact that he was spreading bullshit even further actually pissed me off.  We have enough stupid in the world.  We don’t need more of it.

Fast forward to when he announced his campaign.  I figured he was running for President as a joke, just like a lot of people did.  Especially when he opened his mouth and spewed forth with his comments on Mexicans and claimed he was going to build a wall.  I was positive he was joking!  What kind of brainless douchebag thinks that “building a wall” between the US and Mexico is a viable plan for anything, much less illegal immigration?  And what kind of brainless douchebags actually believe it?!  Surely not in this country.  There’s no way that so many people could possibly be that fucking stupid.

Ah, the halcyon days of 2015.

Eventually, I came to think that I didn’t really have a problem with Trump himself, as a person.  His ardent supporters, yes, I absolutely had a problem with but not him.  I think I was still clinging to the idea that any day now, he’d say, “HAHA!  FOOLED YOU!” and we could just get on with an actual election.  His supporters were starting to freak me out though.  It was like witnessing the zombie apocalypse but instead of eating brains, the zombies just desperately needed brains.  And those zombies thought we were in the 1940’s or 1950’s and didn’t get why they couldn’t just spew racism, sexism, xenophobia, and all of the other wonderful things we’ve come to expect from Trump and his fans.  But he kept talking and kept being awful and then he was an actual legit Republican nominee!  This shit was really happening!  And yeah, I had a problem with him as well as his supporters.  That Republican National Convention was equal parts hilarious and terrifying.  His fearmongering acceptance speech was…something else.

Fast forward again to that Access Hollywood video and his claim during the second debate that he hadn’t actually groped anyone.  I think the last tally I heard was eleven women stepping up and calling him out on that claim.  “Just locker room talk,” my ass.  He is a straight up sexual predator.

I received my mail-in ballot last week, as did my mother and father.  My son didn’t get his and that has me concerned.  If he doesn’t have a mail-in ballot, then he has to actually go to a polling place and vote.  I really don’t want him to have to do that because of this shit:

Boston Globe article

Yeah.  My kid is probably safe because he’s a white male but he’s inherited his mother’s smart-mouth and won’t lie if any of those people actually ask him if he voted for Trump.  Trump condones all that, by the way!  He’s recruiting people on his website:


I guess I could have posted a link but I refuse to give him any clicks.  If you’re wondering why this is a bad idea, this might explain it:

New York Times article

Do you actually think that most of these “election observers” will be calm, rational people?  When a bunch of people get together, things tend to go to hell rapidly and thoroughly.  I’m actually concerned about what might happen on election day.  Not just in my area but all over the country.  And I really want to think, “Oh, it won’t be bad.  People aren’t actually going to riot if he loses.”  But I also thought he wasn’t actually running and that even if he was, people wouldn’t actually vote for him to be the nominee!  This election has taken every last bit of my faith in humanity and stomped it out.

The only good things to come out of this election cycle are the late night comedy bits.  And I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING about that.  Bloody hell, we’re fucked.

I filled out my ballot on Friday and mailed it.  My son is looking into whether or not he can still register for the mail-in ballot and if not, I want him to find out if he can vote early.  He’ll still go to a polling place on November 8th if he has to, but you bet your ass I’m going with him.  He might legally be an adult but that’s my kid.  I will always feel the need to protect him whether or not there’s an actual threat.

YouTube should have Saturday Night Live clips available now so I’m off to try to laugh about this shitstorm.


If your reaction to this makes you want to contact me about how awful Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are, save it.  I’m well aware of their awfulness.  This isn’t a contest to decide which sexual predator is the worst and which of their spouses is the worse enabler.  Tearing down the opposition doesn’t make your guy any better.

I’m with Deadpool: